LUCE is used to create satin surfaces with soft metallic shades, for a dazzling wall decoration Obtained from genuine finely filtered aged slaked lime, marble aggregates, extra fine shiny quartz sand, natural fillers and binders, LUCE can be applied to achieve a satin and subtle metallic mineral finish, granting outstanding breathability and natural resistance to mold and bacteria LUCE is suitable for interior surfaces Perfectly stable over time, it maintains the breathability of the substrate thanks to its outstanding water vapour permeability
LUCE is supplied in white colour (BIANCO)

  • Quick and easy application
  • Odourless
  • Environment friendly with low VOC
  • Highly customisable with respect to colours and effects
  • Compatible with all paintable substrates
  • It supports fragmented repair
  • Adaptable in all concepts, classical, modern or fusion.


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