Wall decoration for interior finishes, very opaque, characterised by an extraordinary tactile, Softness and a pleasant texture, reminding you of the soft leather and glamor of antique brushed suede leather FEEL is used indoors in simple and shabby chic style, where the special effect “matt touch” Accompanying the walls of an original chromatic harmony of fine chiaroscuro creating great emotion just by touching the finish Thanks to the flexibility of FEEL it can be used in the the decoration of public and private environments FEEL allows you to obtain very simple application method various different styles of extraordinary beauty FEEL is highly washable after about three weeks from the application and it is nonflammable

  • Quick and easy application
  • Odourless
  • Environment friendly with low VOC
  • Highly customizable with respect to colours and effects
  • Compatible with all substrates
  • It supports fragmented repair only to a limited extent
  • Adaptable in all concepts, classical, modern or fusion.


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