Walls are more than just exteriors. They are a reflection of your personality and your beliefs.
And that’s why we have created a range of unique facades, crafted out of porcelain and imported directly from Italy. These slabs are not just the world’s thinnest, but also the world’s largest natural slabs, that breathe life into your walls and make them gorgeous. With a 25-Year colour warranty that can stand the test of time and also the harsh elements of nature like sun, wind, rain and storm, it’s truly the future of architecture!


Transform Your Space into a Dreamscape with Me Casa’s
Artisanal Paints and Plasters.

Italian Charm for Your Kitchen

Transform your kitchen into a masterpiece with Stonelam slabs. Modern kitchens demand class, aesthetics, and seamless functionality. Our revolutionary surfaces, sourced from Italy, bring unparalleled efficiency and convenience, making your kitchen not just a place to cook, but a source of inspiration. Elevate your kitchen to new heights with the elegance and innovation of Stonelam.

Timeless Veneers
Contemporary Appeal

Veneer is a thin slice of wood made by rotary cutting or slicing the log. The appearance of veneer varies depending on how the log is cut. The process of the veneer production starts with the timber logs being brought in by trucks are measured sorted and stored. The wood is soaked in water to soften it. Moist, warm and debarked logs are rotary cut into smooth veneer of uniform thickness. These painstakingly rigorous processes ensure that every AERA Veneer piece comes with the assurance of the highest levels of quality and durability.

Elevating Surfaces
with Durability and Luxury

At AERA, our journey began in October 2015 with a simple yet profound desire – to share our passion for luxury wood veneers with the world. What started as a humble endeavor has now blossomed into South India’s premier destination for genuine wood veneers and plywoods, earning us a reputation as one of India’s finest purveyors of exquisite wood products.

Take your surfaces to the next level

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